Client: DuoLingo
What is one thing that we all do everyday? Eat! And for a lot of us, in order to eat we have to cook right? That’s why Duolingo is looking to launch a feature that encourages people to complete their daily lesson. 
Choose a language, then choose a recipe. By the end of the lesson you will have learnt different words for the ingredients and the verbs in the methods (oh and also have a delicious meal ready). 
These recipes will be written by chefs across the globe to make sure that they are authentic with encouragement for food idioms to be included to help give insight into a different culture. 

Who doesn't love a pun and play on words. These posters use puns and images from the Duolingo Cheflingo feature to not only highlight recipes and language available but to also highlight that it's a convenient way to get your daily lesson in and not lose your streak by combining a daily task with a lesson.
Duo want to target millennials and we know how much they love to gram their grub!
So Duo will release specific instagram filters to unlock for certain recipes to encourage people to learn, cook and share. 
To keep up daily motivation, Duolingo will pair up with AirBnb experiences to offer cooking classes. Authentic food and authentic language from authentic people.  In order to book onto the courses, you simply need will need  to have a specific duolingo streak count.  
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