Client: Timberland
We all know bees are in danger and you hear the phrase 'save the bees' so often and yet they are still declining in numbers. Without them, we as a planet will struggle to grow crops due to the importance of them pollinating our plants. The fashion industry takes its toll on the environment including using pesticides on cotton plants that end up killing and harming bees. That's why Timberland want to help show people the importance of our fuzzy friends with impactful language as well as taking action by offering solutions to some of the reasons they are in decline. 
The idea behind the campaigns billboard is the concept behind the logo and the idea that Timberland wouldn't be where they are without Bees (or the letter B). Therefore we propose for this OOH experience that Timberland release a live wall made out of plants and flowers that allow bees to pollinate. On top of this there will be a bee safe solution placed where the letter B should be that attracts them to that particular spot. After time the bees will fly over and make up the letter B and help spell out Timberland. 
We will place these print posters in magazines printed on seeded paper and using natural safe ink so that readers can simply rip the page out of the magazine and plant it. Our posters will grow British wildflowers that are the recommended plants to help bees pollinate. 

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