Where I've been
2024  Creative Intern - Iris
2022/23 Project Coordinator - Red Stone
2022 ADcelerate After Dark - Brixton Finishing School
2022   Creative assistant - Cult LDN+NYC
2022   Social media Course - Ogilvy
2022   Creative thinking course - Cannes Lions
2021   Creative Conscious Silver Award - GYMSHARK
2020/21   Creative advertising MSc - Edinburgh Napier University
2018/19   Commercial designer - UEA Student Union
2016/19   Society Culture and Media BA - University of East Anglia
As part of Cult's NFT series called 'senses', I created (and sold) my first ever NFT inspired by the feeling of hearing this song for the first time. This was a real exciting experience for me learning more about the metaverse and delving into the world of digital art.

I am also paired up with the Brilliant copywriter Jack so feel free to check out our creative team portfolio here
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