The Missing Ingredient 
Client: Genius
If you have a gluten intolerance, it's hard to know quickly which foods to trust and are safe to eat without spending ages reading the small print on the back of food packets. A lot of this information on allergen labels are size 8 font which is illegible to most people without some sort of glasses or sight aid. To solve this, we create a copy-centric campaign that boldly highlights the missing ingredients in Genius food, so customers don't need to rely on reading that small label. 
Using the Genius social media account, we would advertise interactive social media posts for users to swipe and follow a step-by-step recipe for different meals including Genius products. The swipe up link would take them directly to that specific recipe on the Genius website. 

We would be strategic with our placement of our print adverts in magazine by placing them with our recipes in cooking and lifestyle magazines. We'd use double page spreads to not only advertise the products, but to also provide a service to the readers. This would be an effective way to build upon the current campaign. 
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