Weight on her shoulders 
Client: Gymshark
The gym can be an intimidating place, particularly when 71% of female gym goers have experiences some form of harassment when trying to work out. We don't want that, we don't want to feel uncomfortable, so much that harrasment is the cause of 20% of canceled female gym memberships.  This campaign uses the Gymshark community to spread awareness of the issue, as well as putting in measure to pressure gyms to follow anti-harassment guidelines. ​​​​​​​
To take advantage of the large following Gymshark has on Instagram on both @gymshark and @gymsharkwomen, we will invite people to come forward with their experiences of harassment to help raise the issue to those who may not realise it’s happening. As well as provide community support for those who feel isolated and alone due to their experiences in the gym.
STUNT - ASK for Harriet
One of the anti-harassment guidelines we would push gyms to have in order to be a Gymshark Safe Space is ‘Ask for Harriet’, a gym specific version of bars ‘Ask for Angela’. It’s a way for people to discreetly let gym staff know that someone is making them feel uncomfortable. They’ll be able to get out of the situation while staff investigate the situation and if necessary, ban predators from the space if they’re behaviour is unacceptable.
Stunt - weighted messages
To really drive the message of how heavy these comments and looks are to women, we would feature the message inside the gym on the heaviest weights, targeting people at the point of the problem.
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